Where to Donate Used Toys - List of Charitable Causes | InspiredToDownsize.com #Declutter #DownsizeIt can be hard to let go of toys that are no longer played with but hold sentimental value, but knowing those toys will be enjoyed by kids who will truly appreciate them makes it a lot easier.

Following is a list of toys you can donate to some really great organizations knowing they will not only be enjoyed, but will be given to kids who might not otherwise have quality toys to play with.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Warehouse – Old puzzles donated to Puzzle Warehouse will be given to non-profit organizations such as schools, homeless shelters, churches, and jails.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals for Emergencies – This non-profit organizes local volunteers to collect, clean, and distribute stuffed animals (as well as books, children’s clothing, and baby items) to local organizations to provide as comfort for children who have experienced traumatic or emotional situations.

American Girl Dolls

Photo via Facebook.com/GirlAgainBoutique

Yes She Can This special organization not only offers these dolls at an affordable price to children who will give them the love they deserve, it also provides jobs to young women with autism.

Other Dolls

Nursing Homes – Some Alzheimer patients have responded positively to being given a baby doll to care for.  If you can’t find a local nursing home that will accept a donation of gently used baby dolls, try this website for contact info about possibly mailing a doll donation.

Another organization that accepts gently used dolls is If you have broken or damaged dolls that can’t be refurbished and given new homes, you can send them to the Angelic Doll Hospital to be recycled.

Halloween Costumes

‘Ween Dream – Kids whose families can’t afford to buy Halloween costumes can still enjoy the holiday thanks to donations through this organization.


Photo by John Doyle on Unsplash.com

Brick Recycler – Legos donated to Brick Dreams will be cleaned and donated to kids in need all over the world.

Sports Equipment

Let’s Play it Forward – This organization collects and donates used sports equipment to charitable organizations and individuals that make it possible for kids from all economic backgrounds to enjoy sports.

Small Toy Cars (Such as Hot Wheels)

Hot Wheels for Hope – This organization collects toy cars and donates them to children in refugee camps all over the world, as well as other non-profits and victims of natural disasters.

Other Toys

Have some toys to donate that aren’t on this list?  If you can’t find a local charity or community organization to donate them to, Second Chance Toys is another option to check out.

Whatever organization you choose, you can feel good knowing your once-loved toys can once again make someone smile!

Where to donate other items

To read about charitable organizations seeking donations of items other than toys, click here.

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